To make sure this blog performs effectively for you and for me, here are a couple of logistical details and guidelines I want to lay out. It's short and sweet


Posts will be put up every other week, always on Wednesday. So stay tuned!


There will be a variety of types of writing I will be using. I will post literature backgrounds, law reviews, policy memos, and articles. Each article will come with "Read Time" for your convince.

They will also be related to a direct conflict that is or has occurred. I will do my best to add some links with more background information if you are not familiar with the situation.


I have created sections to organize the posts. While there will be some domestic articles, the US, most of them will be about international policy. Here we will cover Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America for the most part. But, don't be surprised to find the occasional African or European post


Please comment! Constructive criticism is highly accepted. Just please refrain from any rude or vulgar commentary that can be seen as offensive. I want this blog to be a place of open-mindedness and well-intentioned intellectual debate.

I am also open to any suggestions as to what type of posts you look forward to seeing. Feel free to let me know what you like and what might not be as effective in bringing out policy issues.


These posts will be as objective as possible with little subjective input of mine. All facts, statistics, and quotes are cited and linked for your curiosity. Any opinion of mine found in the articles are mine alone.