~Welcome~ My First Post

Welcome to Sofia's Think Tank!

Whether it be an assignment for class, world-view curiosity, or just the cutesy/cringe name that brought you here, I am glad you found me.

In this introduction, I want to tell you a little about myself, how I got here, why I began this blog, and what it is all about.

First off, I am the only writer for this blog and my name is Sofia Ivanka. In 2009 I wrote my first book, then in 2010 I wrote my second. Surprisingly, they were both about math and are meant to help young kids understand the concepts they are learning at school. Through this, my mission to help kids without access to quality education grew and is what motivated me to found a non-profit organization called Building Smart Kids (BSK) in Houston. Although we were a small non-profit, in the few years of our existence we have manage to grow internationally, as we now offer our free educational services in the U.S., Honduras, Panama, and India- in some of their most dangerous neighborhoods.

The work I did and continue to do at BSK opened my eyes to the international stage. By then, the interest I was developing in law-due to my history teacher in 8th grade who was a lawyer herself- began to sculpt into something more specific. Something I was not quite sure what it was until I started my collegiate career at Harvard in 2016.

When I started my new educational journey, I already knew I wanted to major in Government, their which is their equivalent to Political Science. But, I was not sure how to combine my interests in law and government with my interests on the international arena and human rights. I had only been able to combine economics and the international arena while studying in Switzerland straight out of high-school. Finally, during my discovery of the various fields of study that existed, I decided to sub-focus my concentration on international relations. And then, while taking several classes under that topic I found an additional specificity that would allow me to also utilize my love for writing-- that was policy writing and analysis. Which led me to become a staff writer on the international board of the Harvard College Law Review in my free time.

Where am I now? I graduated in May of 2019 with my BA in Government. It is now August 2019, and although I have decided to take some time to fully dedicate myself to BSK, I don't want to leave this newly discovered passion of mine. This is how "Sofia's Think Tank" came about. It is a way for me continue to write policy memos, international articles, and law/literature reviews on international occurrences and share them with you. You are a big part of this blog! I want to hear from you. Your thoughts, your ideas, your suggestions are all valuable to me and to my new journey out of college.

I hope you enjoy this blog and that you learn a couple of things along the way (and teach me a couple of things). To know more about the logistics of the blog, please go to the "Guidelines" page linked at the top.